Luxurious Detangling & Curl Clumping BRUSH


Untangles any entangled curls, kinks & coils quickly, easily & effortlessly! This flexible brush is a very necessary tool for anyone with kinky, coily or curly hair.

What it is:

  • Eight-Claw Comb, Each row of comb is an independent individual, the comb are soft and round, gently massage and will not hurt the scalp.
  • ABS non-slip handle, strong hold but yet very comfortable to hold, help you to hold it tightly.
  • Hollow out comb design, more elastic and quick blow-dry hair/styling.
  • Perfect for all hair types including straight, curly, dry hair, and excellent to use with on all naturl hair.
  • Width of comb can be adjusted according to preference.
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